The Ramsey Curse


Lately, the young Welshman Aaron Ramsey has struck again. This is not the first time he has hit the headlines of the world press. But what did he do?

Name: Aaron Ramsey

Place and date of birth: 26 December 1990 in Caerphilly (Wales)

Nationality:  Welsh

Profession: professional football player

Team: Arsenal FC London

Records: Ben Laden, Steve Jobs, Kadhafi, Whitney Houston, Videla, Paul Walker, Robin Williams, Bowie, Alan Rickman and Nancy Reagan

The football killer

Aaron Ramsey is an Arsenal football player. As a midfielder, his purpose doesn’t consist in scoring but passing the ball, making the transition between defence and attack (box-to-box player). Surprisingly enough, when he scores, this is not just a goal: for each goal scored, an important person dies within a few hours. The last one was Nancy Reagan.


For some, Ramsey scored the good fight, with Ben Laden and Kadhafi. Unfortunately, Whitney Houston, Ray Williams, Boris Berevosky died the day after he scored a goal: this is obvious now, it’s a curse!

For 5 years, the curse hasn’t stopped, adding new victims to his records. These people were loved by the public: Paul Walker was the symbol of the Fast and Furious blockbuster movies; Alan Rickman was one of the main Harry Potter characters; David Bowie was a star who had a deep influence on the world of culture.

Recently Nancy Reagan became another victim of the curse. She was Ronald Reagan’s wife.

Should we let Aaron Ramsey play football again?

Today, before each game in which Ramsey plays, Arsenal fans dread Aaron Ramsey’s next goal, which might be associated with the death of a new victim, and some hope he will not score. His teammates and Arsene Wenger (the coach) are in big trouble: Wenger doesn’t know if he should select him for the next games. His teammates are confused because Ramsey plays well and is a key player.

The club even removed Ramsey’s jersey from all stores. In churches, priests and pastors now pray to prevent Ramsey from scoring…

If people feel that way towards him, should the FA (Football Association) or even the FIFA take the decision to ban him from entering the football pitch? Should we let Aaron Ramsey play football again?

The problem is very serious, it affects a lot of celebrities, who fear they might be the next one on the list. We can compare this situation with Tsugumi Oba’s famous manga in which the main character has the right to life or death. Public opinion wants him to retire, no one wants other deaths.

But enough with all the drama, we can’t ban a man from playing football because of a pseudo curse; we do not have any evidence. After all, Ramsey was on the pitch seen by thousands of witnesses when the deaths occurred.

Be careful with superstition

Believing in superstition is dangerous. These are only coincidences; every day many more or less famous celebrities die. With that kind of reasoning, we could find a lot of other football players whose goals are similarly followed by the death of a celebrity. Ramsey is no killer, just a regular football player.

Don’t worry Ramsey, you’re not guilty, keep scoring.




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