Au-delà des monuments vus et revus du Royaume-Uni, nous vous proposons de découvrir une facette méconnue du patrimoine d’outre-manche. Sortez des sentiers battus à la découverte du château de Highclere, du Centre d’artisanat et de design de Manchester ou des souterrains hantés du château d’Edimbourg. 


If you have followed the adventures of the Grantham family and their servants through the different seasons of Downton Abbey, then Highclere Castle is the place to go: it will immerse you in the atmosphere of the TV drama series and enable you to go behind the scenes. This is indeed where most of the scenes were set and you will discover filming secrets and anecdotes the guides will be delighted to tell you. You can go on Downton Abbey-themed tours that are organized there.

The success of the series also enabled Highclere Castle to obtain funds to launch repair programs for some parts of the castle, so that you could discover more of its secrets… But there is no need to be a big fan of the series to discover this beautiful Victorian-style castle located not far from Oxford as you could still admire the architecture, the Egyptian exhibition of objects inherited from the 5th Earl of Carnarvon, and also the surrounding 1000 acre parkland.

Even Queen Elizabeth II spent some time there before her 90th birthday celebration.

So if Her Majesty appreciates the place, why wouldn’t you?

photo 1.jpg


Manchester Craft and Design Centre is located in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. It was built in 1873 as a retail fish market during the reign of Queen Victoria. It’s a place where residents used to come and get together. But a century later, it fell into disuse. So people decided to rebuild this establishment. Thus, the disused fish market became the Manchester Craft Village which opened its doors to the public in 1982 in Manchester City.

People have preserved this historic building and revived it with creative enterprise. Today, it is the paradise of local craftsmen and designers. There are 25 shops that offer different original and beautiful craftsmanship pieces created by high-skilled people. If you come to Manchester and you have no gift idea for your friend don’t forget to go to the Design Centre. Here, you will find some original costume jewellery, some amazing paintings, hand-made objects and many other objects to enhance your home design.

photo 1

You will not only discover the British Designers’ world but also enjoy special British homemade cuisine in the Café Bar. It is a place that could be a milestone of your journey in Manchester City.


The Hidden Story of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a Scottish city, which is famous for its mysterious and supernatural phenomena. The city has two well-defined areas: the neoclassical new town and the medieval old town. Having the reputation of being the most haunted city, Edinburg is certainly the best place to experience an extremely unbelievable trip. The best destination is without a doubt Edinburgh Castle. Built in the 12th century, the building seems to have travelled through the ages. Edinburgh castle still rises undamaged over the city. Within this beautiful medieval building, there are a lot of unexplainable appearances that scientists cannot solve with modern technology.

photo 1

Many of those who have the courage to step in that old building have reported that during their visit they can sometimes feel a cold hand touching their body, a sudden drop of temperature when they change rooms, or even witness a real ghost flying or walking. Many locals tried to explain those supernatural cases. It was a castle which had been a former prison for the soldiers of the seven years’ war and an execution place for those who had been suspected of witchcraft during the 16th century. Based on rumours, people say the ghosts might have reappeared from that time and want to take revenge on people who hurt them. Among them, there are a headless drummer boy, a phantom piper and even the ghost of a dog still wandering in the cemetery. Since these supernatural phenomena occur less frequently, don’t let the fear take you.

So don’t hesitate and book a ticket for Edinburgh! Edinburgh castle is not an ordinary castle and it will make you travel back to the Renaissance during the reign of James V.

PHILIPPOT Marine, HONG Myriam & Delphine LY






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