Climate Change

L’année 2015 a été la troisième année la plus chaude depuis 1850 et cette tendance au réchauffement peut avoir de terribles conséquences. En effet, les récents événements aux Etats-Unis semblent de nouveau résulter d’un problème qui se fait de plus en plus oppressant, celui du réchauffement climatique.



Everybody remembers Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed parts of Louisiana in the United States. Ten years later, the city of New Orleans has not yet succeeded to rebuild the entire city and still has to pay for the economic and social consequences of this climate-related disaster.

Recently, the south of the United States of America was the site of a terrible natural disaster with 43 dead and cities completely destroyed by a storm such as Rowlett near Dallas. Moreover, rescue teams are still searching for people who have gone missing: the number of casualties could increase. The East Coast has been affected by heat waves and temperature records have been broken in New York with a temperature of more than 20°C on Christmas Eve. This was quite pleasant for tourists who wore flip-flops as in summer time. Around that time there were heavy snowfalls in New Mexico accompanied with hurricanes. In California, strong wind exacerbated fires that ravaged 500 hectares of forest. However, recent natural disasters have confirmed the fact that we may have entered a new cycle of man-made disasters.

Climate change 1

The world is watching in disbelief the increase of natural disasters, which raises the question of climate change and of the role of human beings in global warming. More than two decades ago, climate scientists predicted a greater frequency of extreme climate-related events. Today, the consensus among scientists is that global warming is irreversible. Nowadays, the outlook is bleak and with the question of global warming that has become more and more paramount, these tragic recent events in the United States confirm that humanity is at constant risk of natural disasters. Moreover, it can affect any area of the world as illustrated by the stark contrast between hot spells in New York or Washington and hurricanes in New Mexico.

New climatic patterns could undermine ecosystems throughout the world. Thus, it is clear that human activities are changing the natural balance of the Earth and it seems incredible that some candidates to the White House are still denying the existence of global warming. Moreover, even if we believe that climate change is real, money is useless against climate-related disasters. Consequently, even richer countries like the United States are not immune from natural disasters.


Faced with the increase of natural disasters such as storms, flooding, or tornadoes, politicians have to find solutions. Although some people think there is nothing much we can do against the freaks of nature, we should change our behavior towards nature since climate change plays a role in this increase of natural disasters. For president Obama, there is a strong link between the two and it’s the reason why he decided to create the Clean Power Plan (2015). Considered as the strongest action ever taken by an American president to fight climate change, this plan would reduce by 30 percent carbon dioxide emissions in ten years. To reach this objective, Obama wants to develop the use of renewable energy sources and limit emissions from coal-burning power plants. In response to this plan, a number of firms, including eBay or General Motors, gave their support. Some politicians disagree with Obama and argue that there is no relation between climate change and natural disasters. For example, for Donald Trump, a Republican candidate for 2016, global warming doesn’t exist: it’s just “weather”. He believes that climate change is just an invention created by the Chinese to harm the American economy.

Today, the entire world is concerned by global warming. With the historic agreement during the COP 21, we can see that many political leaders are aware of the need to protect the earth. In fact, during this conference, the common objective agreed upon was to limit global warming to 1.5°C from now on to 2100.


DUVILLIER Ferdinand , IMBERT Maxime, & Antoine PIERRE.


Tornade au Mississippi : (récent)

Lien entre réchauffement climatique et les catastrophes naturelles (année 2012 record)

Température élevée en ce moment peut être la cause de catastrophes naturelles


Inondation Missouri ( récent)

Solution du président contre le réchauffement climatique :


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