OO7s and the World

Vous connaissez probablement Bond, James Bond ? Que vous ayez déjà vu l’un des épisodes de cette célèbre saga ou non, vous en avez probablement déjà entendu parler. Cette série de films est basée sur les exploits d’un membre des services secrets britanniques. A chaque parution d’un nouvel opus, les recettes sont impressionnantes : celles du dernier film “Skyfall” se sont élevées à plus d’un milliard de dollars. Dès mercredi 11 Novembre 2015, le monde entier a pu découvrir les nouvelles aventures de James Bond dans “Spectre”, l’occasion pour nous de faire le point sur ce succès du cinéma britannique et ses répercussions dans le monde.


First of all, James Bond is a really famous emblem of the British film culture. Since 1953, all the Bond movies have celebrated the victory of the British intelligence agencies over external threats. James bond was performed by cinema legends like Sean Connery or Daniel Craig who embodied national elegant heroes. This myth has travelled through the ages and the movie’s original soundtrack has been a really popular song known all over the world; it’s almost impossible to listen to it without immediately thinking of James Bond. Moreover, the famous singer Adele has contributed to the creation of one of the recent James Bond movies, Skyfall. The budget for the production of this movie saga shows how important this movie is and producers are eager to feature international relations and tensions in these films.


In fact, 007s are not just for entertainment purpose only since the plots are often based on real issues: they describe and analyse international relations. If you want to understand the world and globalization at a precise moment in time, have a look at a James Bond movie. When we think about the Cold War, we cannot but refer to From Russia with love, which is one of the first “James Bond” movies on the USSR threats against the British government in 1963. According to The Guardian, “It is near-impossible to discuss cold war fiction without mentioning Fleming’s vision of the spy”. The recent James Bond movie Skyfall also describes current issues. First, it represents a terrorist organization which had stolen external drives containing the identity of all NATO agents.  Thus, it is about a modern problem: the risk of hacking. This time, even before the release of Spectre, the trailer made it clear that part of the action would take place in Mexico, showing the growing importance of emerging countries in the world.

It is now clear that James Bond’s filmmakers tried, in each episode, to portray international relations and tensions in the world. But James Bond seems to be more than just a movie. Despite the decline of the British armed forces, the United Kingdom still has a major influence on the international scene, and it seems that this movie is a tool for the Realm to use its soft power around the world: James Bond always embodies the refinement of the British culture and British cutting-edge technology in the field of espionage. The presence of James Bond during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in England in 2012 was also warmly welcomed. But if the movie industry celebrates the British nation, other industries are also involved in this “soft power”: the very famous singer Adele sang the renowned song Skyfall in the previous episode of the saga, while, as usual, 007 spied on the world, driving his favourite Aston Martin car.

These are some of the reasons why, whether or not you are a Bond fan, you should rush to the nearest cinema and ask for a ticket to watch Spectre.


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