Britain reacts to the Paris attacks

Les attaques terroristes qui ont eu lieu à Paris le vendredi 13 novembre ont bouleversé le monde entier. Orchestrés par l’état islamique, ces attentats visent l’ensemble des occidentaux. C’est pourquoi le premier ministre britannique, David Cameron, est particulièrement enclin à prendre des mesures pour y faire face. La population s’est également mobilisée pour montrer son soutien aux victimes.


Terrorism can be defined as the use of violent acts to frighten people in an area, especially in order to achieve a political goal. Spreading fear is more important than causing material damage: there is a disproportion between the terrorists’ actual strength and the feeling of terror they inspire. The deadliest terrorist attack since World War II in France occurred in Paris on the 13th of November: a series of coordinated attacks in three popular places of Paris was organized by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. 130 people were killed by terrorists. These victims were enjoying life in the Bataclan theatre, the Stade de France and even in restaurants or cafes in the 11th and 10th districts of Paris. France was already on high alert since the “Charlie Hebdo” attack in January 2015 but with this tragic event, M. Hollande declared a state of emergency for three months. However, these fundamental Islamist organizations did not only attack France because of its military involvement in various international conflicts, but they also targeted occidental values like freedom of expression, secularism and the empowerment of women. Thus, England feels concerned and this attack reminds many British people of the “7/7 London bombings” that happened on the 7th of July, 2005, and which were a series of coordinated suicide bomb attacks by four Islamist extremists aboard the London Underground trains and in a double-decker bus.

A minute of silence for the victims was held at 11 am on the 16th of November to coincide with the European minute of silence at midday French Time.

Four days after the terrorist atrocities in Paris, England and France played out an international and friendly football match unlike any other. Prince William and David Cameron attended the game.


Actually, before the football game started, the lyrics of the French national anthem La Marseillaise, were printed in all the English newspapers. The event was a symbolic moment to highlight the strong union between France and England regarding such a tragedy. The French flag was represented alongside the British one as an act of brotherhood. Furthermore, English fans displayed the colours of the French flag to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the recent Paris attacks.

Terrorism 2

English and French teams stand together for a moment of applause before the start of the Wembley game.

Rooney concluded: “It was a difficult night for everyone, especially the French players and staff. Both teams handled it well. The fans were brilliant. This game will show around the world the unity of football. It’s a global game, not about race or religion. We stood tall and together.”

Terrorism 3

Mr Cameron added: “We will not let them [frighten people through terrorism]. We will redouble our efforts to wipe out this poisonous, extremist ideology and, together with the French and our allies around the world, stand up for all we believe in.”

The prime minister said the police and security services would review their anti-terror plans in the wake of the Paris attacks. But he also warned that “we must recognize that however strong we are, however much we prepare, we in the UK face the same threat. That’s why we continue to encourage the public to remain vigilant”.

He finished his statement with a message to the French nation: their fight against IS was also “[their] fight” and he pledged to “defeat these terrorists”.

Mr Cameron delivered a speech to announced a 15% increase in the 12,700-strong staff of the security and intelligence agencies MI5, MI6 and GCHQ with the recruitment of an additional 1,900 personnel. David Cameron abolished the “divide” between the Army and the police because, according to him, it was time to get rid of it. He also dispatched ten thousand troops who will flood Britain’s streets to fight terrorism.

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