Don’t take the colour out of Britain!


La participation des minorités ethniques en Grande-Bretagne n’est pas garantie. Pour la soutenir, une organisation nommée “Operation Black Vote” a conduit une large campagne publicitaire pour encourager l’inscription des citoyens des minorités britanniques sur les listes électorales.


“I agreed to do the Operation Black Vote pictures because I wanted to highlight the problem with some sections of Britain who are not registering to vote for their future,” Campbell said to the Telegraph. Sulzeer Jeremiah Campbell colloquially known as “Sol Campbell” is a 40-year-old former England international football player. He played as central defender for 19 years in the premier League and had an 11-year international career. At the beginning of the year, he confirmed that he would join the Conservative Party.

Sol Campbell partook in the “Operation Black Vote” (OBV), a non-partisan and non-profit national organisation established in 1996, to urge the black minority to vote in the upcoming general election. The aim of this organisation is to push the minorities to be more active in Britain’s political and social life, by using for example eye-catching pictures of celebrities who painted themselves white. The Slogan of the Campaign is Don’t take the colour out of Britain”. The slogan’s goal is to make the black minorities aware of their responsibilities in UK politics.

At the beginning the ad wasn’t well received because the whitening of the black community is a tense subject, but they understood the metaphor and the message conveyed.  “That metaphor is that this country’s public life and political institutions lose their colour, diversity, energy and dynamism without the active participation of our black and minority ethnic population. This message is particularly important in the run up to the May 7 general election,” Campaign director Simon Woolley said. What’s at stake for the black community is considerable, and according to the OBV, the minorities have an influence on 168 marginal seats. Their registering and voting could be a game changer in the general election. Their vote is their voice. Voting empowers them because it gives them the possibility to speak with a common voice in order to be better represented.

Furthermore, to make the registration easier, the OBV introduced e-voting by creating an app with which users will be able to register themselves, their friends and family in less than two minutes. This app is also a platform where voters can give their opinion on key issues in online discussions, and it gives millions of people the possibility to take part in national debates.

Marie-Eunice AMBIME & Mihad SIMOU


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