Is the Rugby World Cup a good thing for England?

Le 29 juillet 2009, l’Angleterre, en coopération avec le Pays de Galles, est choisie face à 3 autres candidats pour organiser, en 2015, la 8ème coupe du monde de rugby. Après 1991, c’est la deuxième fois que l’Angleterre accueille cet événement, toute l’Angleterre attend un nouveau sacre depuis 2003, même si elle ne fait pas figure de favorite. Mais aujourd’hui quelles vont être les impacts économiques et sociaux sur le pays ?



After Britain obtained the organisation of the 2012 Summer Olympics, The Guardian, in September 2007 declared that the Rugby Football Union had decided to submit a bid for the organisation of the 2015 Rugby World Cup. On July 29th 2009, England was chosen to organise the competition, defeating Italy, Japan and South Africa. 11 cities and 13 stadiums will host matches during the competition, including Twickenham Stadium which will host the final. This organisation is in cooperation with Wales where the Millenium Stadium will also host matches. Scotland and Ireland could also have organised matches but Wales was finally selected thanks to the capacity and the location of the Millenium Stadium. During this competition 20 nations will try to win the competition but only one will will the trophy on October 31st.

Furthermore, the organisation of the Rugby World Cup will also have an important impact on the British economy because, according to estimates, the tournament will generate up to £2.2 billion of output. 41,000 jobs will also be created for the event.

Debbie Jevans is the Chief Executive of England Rugby 2015. A former British tennis player and director of sport for the 2012 Olympic Games, she now organises this event. She said: “Rugby World Cup 2015 is set to create a wide range of economic opportunities across many different sectors. Whether through investment in infrastructure, supporting jobs or generating revenue in fan zones, the economic benefits will be shared around our eleven host cities and beyond. With Rugby World Cup 2015 expected to attract more visitors than any previous Rugby World Cup, the tournament is on track to deliver a strong economic legacy.


So this event could be a very good thing for the United Kingdom and the future PM, whoever he is after the May 7 general election. David Cameron supported England for the organisation of the world cup, which will attract about 500,000 tourists expected to spend nearly a billion pounds. The tournament will also upgrade many infrastructures in the country because £85 million were invested, mostly for transports and stadiums. So Cameron could use the cup in his general election campaign…




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