What about the Green Party?

Natalie Bennett

Certes moins populaire que le UKIP de Nigel Farage, le Green Party a néanmoins une carte à jouer lors des prochaines élections législatives. Le parti ne cesse de se restructurer pour préparer les échéances à venir, et risque fort de donner du fil à retordre à Ed Miliband.


The greens have never looked more credible or more confident in their own credibility. Natalie Bennett, the party’s leader since September 2012, has very ambitious goals. She wants to make the Green Party the 3rd largest political organisation in the UK. This goal has already been reached in London.

Natalie Bennett doesn’t want to restrain the party’s goals to the protection of the environment but she wants to extend them to main social issues such as reducing the gap between rich and poor, making housing affordable or developing public transport.

Moreover, the population seems more optimistic about the environment. More and more people recognise that future politics doesn’t have to look like past politics. This breaks with the “path dependency” theory which explains how current political decisions are limited by the decisions made in the past.

Do the Greens have an impact on the British society?


Certain environmental projects were born, for instance with the cycling renaissance, especially in London. After 2005 and the terrorist attacks in the tube, Londoners discovered that bikes were faster and cheaper than their public transportation network. After the 2012 Olympic Games, the Bradley Wiggins effect intensified the crowd’s love of cycling.

bradley-wiggins_2286007bBradley Wiggins

Bristol is the spearhead of urban sustainable development. Its goal is to become the EU’s Green Capital by promoting sustainable ecology and by producing its own energy thanks to a cooperation between public authorities and other structures such as universities.


Can the Green party have an impact on the next elections?

Natalie Bennett’s goal is to put pressure on Labour and push it “to be far more progressive and to adopt better environmental policies”. She proposes a £72 a week citizen’s income for all to fight against poverty in one of the most unequal countries in Europe.

The ideal position for the party would be to become the next kingmaker. It gave itself more weight by restructuring (membership exceeds 50,000 overtaking the Lib Dems with 44,000 and UKIP with 42,000). Furthermore, the party has become more popular than ever (more than the Liberal Democrats anyway).

The party must not be seen as a threat for Labour but rather as an undeniable opportunity to beat the Tories in the next elections. Especially as Ed Miliband is seen as “flaky on the economy”. If he isn’t the friend of businessmen, Ed Miliband can gain the hearts of the more modest households and the keenest environmental activists and progressives.



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