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Si Frodon Sacquet et la communauté de l’anneau vous a transporté à travers le monde fantastique de Tolkien où vivent des hommes, des nains, des elfes, des hobbits, des orques…, vous ne pourrez  pas vous passer de la trilogy Le Hobbit !


In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. That is how it all began. Not with Rivendell fellowship-forming, but with a cosy, unadventurous hobbit who loved nothing more than minding his own business. A reluctant hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, sets out to the Lonely Mountain with a spirited group of dwarves to reclaim their mountain home – and the gold within it – from the dragon Smaug. It’s often easy to forget that The Hobbit films are in fact a series of prequels to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, where a meek hobbit of the Shire named Frodo Baggins, Bilbo’s nephew, and eight companions set out on a journey to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring and the dark lord Sauron. This well-known story was created by British author J.R.R Tolkien, with Peter Jackson famously adapting the CBE’s work into films.

J R R TolkienJRR Tolkien

Sequels and prequels are more often than not condemned because of their derivative or simply cloned nature but The Hobbit has always felt like a dug up treasure rather than a recreated one. It’s hard to talk about The Hobbit without drawing comparisons to Lord of the Rings because they are so akin. However, one of the major differences is the presence in The Hobbit of what seems to be one of the worst current Hollywood trends: multi-part story-splitting. Splitting The Hobbit into two was already enough for some people, but the announcement of a third film was met with much exasperation from most Hobbit fans. Nevertheless, after watching this new trilogy back-to-back, it’d be hard to find any fault in the split.

Bilbo’s journey through moral corruption and all-out war is some heavy stuff, yet the series manages to hold on to its tenderness and comedy (The Hobbit being originally a children’s book) through some admittedly horrific events; the third instalment even being the one with the darkest and lightest moments in the trilogy. Individually, each film is good but they absolutely need one other to really shine.

National Television Awards - Red Carpet ArrivalsMartin Freeman

Martin Freeman is the actor bringing reluctant adventurer Bilbo Baggins to life. For years, Freeman was a fan-favourite choice for the part of Bilbo. His casting didn’t come easily though: for a time, the actor’s commitment to BBC’s Sherlock made it appear as if he wouldn’t get to star in The Hobbit after all. However, last summer, the massive production of The Battle of the Five Armies had to take a break while Freeman returned to England to shoot the British television series as a priority. As it happens, Benedict Cumberbatch, playing the eponymous sleuth in Sherlock, also stars in The Hobbit trilogy as Smaug the dragon, opposite Freeman’s Bilbo.


Finally, even though “the book is always better than the film”, and the original trilogy always better than the new one, The Hobbit trilogy is definitely worth watching. Be it for its actors, its fine directing, or the famous high fantasy world that a lot of fans have come to worship, you should definitely give The Battle of the Five Armies a go!

Anastassia GABOUNCHINA & Eleonore GIRARD


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