Meet Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s New First Minister

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Après la défaite du “oui” au référendum écossais, Alex Salmond avait annoncé sa démission imminente. Ce matin, le SNP, le parti qui est toujours majoritaire au parlement écossais, a désigné celle qui sera son successeur : Nicola Sturgeon. Sturgeon sera la première femme à la tête du gouvernement écossais.


After his crushing defeat at the Scottish independence referendum, Alex Salmond announced he would resign as First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party. Since then, there have not been many speculations as to who would succeed him, and the choice of his successor did not surprise many in Scotland. SNP members decided this morning that Nicola Sturgeon, who was SNP deputy leader, was to replace Salmond as SNP leader. Thus, she is to become Scotland’s new First Minister and first female head of government in the country.

44-year-old Sturgeon has had a successful career in SNP politics. When the SNP won the highest number of seats in the Scottish Parliament following the 2007 election, she became Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing until 2012 and Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure, Investment and Cities after 2012. A poll carried out recently in Scotland suggests Sturgeon is the politician most trusted by the Scottish public, with 54% of respondents saying they trust her to stand up for Scotland’s interests, against 33% who do not.

As the first woman holding that position, Sturgeon’s First Ministership is a strong symbol for all Scots. Her task will be arduous and crucial as she will negotiate further devolution with the UK government.


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