Britain Carries Out Air Strikes Against Isis


Les frappes aériennes contre l’Etat Islamique proposées par David Cameron ont été adoptées par le Parlement lors d’un vote à sens unique. La Royal Air Force a envoyé 6 Tornados en Irak, déclenchant la première étape d’un conflit qui pourrait durer des années…


On September 26th, David Cameron brought in his project of air strikes in Iraq to fight the terrorist group Isis before the House of Commons. MPs passed the strikes by a huge majority: 524 MPs backed it while only 43 rejected it. 69 people chose not to vote. In other words, 82 percent of the Commons accepted a plan supported by the three main party leaders.

Cameron insisted Britain was under imminent threat and highlighted the legal aspect because the intervention was first an answer to a request from Iraq. However, a seven-hour debate took place in the Commons, revealing a strong Labour opposition on the question of Syria. Many MPs on both sides felt uncomfortable about the military strikes. Cameron decided to limit his initial plan to make sure it would be accepted: “It is better if our country can proceed on the basis of consensus”, he said.

Cameron had to reach an agreement with Ed Miliband: any action in Syria will require a United Nations Security Council resolution. Nevertheless, Cameron keeps the right of intervening in case of humanitarian issue or urgent national interests. “The hallmarks of this campaign will be patience and persistence, not shock and awe.” he declared. Thus, the conflict could last years. But something has to be done : “Just because you can’t do everything, it doesn’t mean you should do nothing“, Nick Clegg said.

6 Tornado jets, the quickest way of taking action, have been launched in order to prevent oil-pumping from the islamists and to bomb strategic positions. The first air strikes have been led in north-western Iraq.

Syria is probably next as it is the heart of Isis (with the headquarters and main resources). “To deal with Isis you do have to deal and defeat them in both Iraq and in Syria“, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said.

Anthony BIZI & Nicolas CAULT


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