Elizabeth is Back


La reine revient sur Frogs Save The Queen … où nous allons nous pencher sur son quotidien, ses habitudes, ses hobbies. Cet été, le selfie de joueuses de hockey sur lequel la reine s’est “incrustée” a fait le tour de la toile…


As it is known, in Britain, Elizabeth II is the commander in chief of the armed forces, accredits British ambassadors and receives diplomats from foreign states. The monarch is also the Supreme Governor of the Church of England. An important function with a lot of responsibilities. But what about her lifestyle and hobbies?

This summer, like most Britons, Queen Elizabeth has spent her holidays in a luxurious 50,000-acre estate in Scotland – the Balmoral  royal property is estimated at 160 million pounds. There, she enjoys her free time: she can do the Daily Telegraph crossword puzzles quietly, read novels by PD James and work on some giant puzzles… A peaceful life.

Balmoral-Castle-masquerade-12708434-1600-1200Balmoral Castle

Obviously, Elizabeth II moves with the times. Even though the British society is tired of the royals’ privileges – she now has to pay taxes like everyone else -, she is still the people’s beloved Queen. Her social life is always extremely busy: she has been meeting celebrities and statesmen at the Queen’s dinner since the 1960s. She constantly smiles and controls her emotions, offends nobody. Her social life is also busy only as the Queen is very connected: she often sends e-mails to friends and family. She listens to music on an iPod offered by President Obama.

She is without any doubt a dancing Queen. Dancing is a one of her numerous activities and she does dance every morning to keep herself fit. The Queen’s hobby is the traditional Scottish country dance. Every year she gives dances called Gillies’ Balls at Balmoral Castle for her neighbours.

Furthermore Elizabeth loves the arts, especially drama. She is a good poet, she translated books from French and Latin into English and she plays the lute very well. The Queen is an accomplished artist and a work of art herself! She grew up very fond of fashion, and likes to dress up extravagantly when she goes out in public, in dresses embroidered with jewels! Although she wants her courtiers to dress well, no one is allowed to dress better than her!

Moreover, The Queen is an animal lover. Horse riding is very important to her. She can ride a horse and her courtiers were scared she would harm herself from riding too much! She also has five Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs – Monty, Willow, Holly, Emma and Linnet.

corgi dogs

Last but not least she has a taste for big, luxurious and beautiful cars. She learnt how to drive in the women’s platoon of the British Army at the end of World War II and thus, she also knows how to repair an engine. But don’t venture on the roads leading to Balmoral residence: the Queen has a reputation for engaging in excessive speeding!

range rover



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