Putin: a new Hitler?


Alors que dans les années 1930, Staline, à la tête de l’URSS, avertissait la Grande-Bretagne des dangers des agressions nazies en Europe, aujourd’hui, le président de Russie, Vladimir Poutine, est accusé de suivre les pas d’Hitler… 


On May 8th 2013, Prince Charles was in Canada in an immigration museum, talking with Maria Ferguson about how Hitler swept all of Europe and after that, he compared what Putin is doing now with what Hitler did then. The conversation with the prince was supposed to be private but the prince’s words spread like wildfire: “Putin is behaving just like Hitler“. Indeed, Russia recently annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region. These words divided the UK. Royal family members are not used to say things like that, so it triggered a controversy.

Some people think he is right. As Edward Lucas wrote: “moving borders, stoking paranoia and cutting backroom deals, we have seen this all before with Hitler“. Putin has already seized Crimea, and now sponsors separatists in eastern and southern Ukraine to stoke the flames of revolution. Lots of people across the country will share Prince Charles’s concern about President Putin and his actions in Ukraine.

The Prince ran the risk of causing an international scandal because the Kremlin became furious. They think his remarks are unacceptable and outrageous. They demand an official explanation from Prince Charles about his comparing Putin to Hitler. In London, the Russian embassy added: “The minister-counsellor of the embassy, Mr Alexander Kramarenko, will meet this afternoon the representatives of the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) to discuss a range of bilateral issues”. Some people also said that it shows that the Prince doesn’t know what really happened in the 1930s. They accuse him of making a historical mistake. 



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