Bright Future of British Failure?


Il est vrai que la Grande-Bretagne est l’un des Etats européens qui a le plus réussi à contrôler les conséquences de la crise, partageant le podium des Etats les plus puissants. Pourtant, l’avenir du pays n’est pas si rose et quelques tâches viennent perturber l’avenir radieux que promet Cameron…


Britain is said to be one of the most important financial places ; it attracts twice as much foreign investment as other rich countries ; it is good at integrating immigrants into its society – even though it is trying to curb immigration… In a way the future of Britain seems to be sunny.

Yet the next few years are also quite uncertain…

First, 2014 will be an important turning year as in May, Britons will elect their EU-parliament representatives. Opinion polls reveal they could vote massively for the UK Independence Party which makes fun of Brussels, which could weaken both the EU and Britain as UKIP fights for Britain’s independence.

Later this year, in September 2014, Scotland is to organize a referendum on its independence. Scotland may leave Great Britain, which would make Britain much smaller and thus less influential the world.


The referendum on EU membership that is due in 2017 (if Cameron remains the PM after the 2015 election)  is also a threat for Britain. David Cameron largely defends the referendum even though he knows very well that it would not benefit Britain. In fact, Britain’s exit would necessarily affect its relations with other EU members and the EU represents half of all British exports! Therefore if it leaves the Union, Britain would lose a substantial economic partner. Not only would the Tories remain very divided (the idea does not rally unanimous support), but Britain would also be isolated. Its relations with its closer neighbour would be affected and it wouldn’t have as much clout in the world because of its diminished size.

Therefore, while Britain is trying to set itself free from the EU and create new bonds with China, it does not really know where its right place can be



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