Délit de fuite pour Wikileaks…

Julian Assange, fondateur de Wikileaks, est retranché dans l’ambassade équatorienne de Londres depuis maintenant 3 mois, afin d’échapper à une extradition vers la Suède. En effet, il craint d’être envoyé aux Etats-Unis suite aux nombreuses informations dévoilées par Wikileaks sur le gouvernement américain. L’Equateur a accepté de lui donner l’asile politique, mais il est encore incapable de le faire sortir du Royaume-Uni, notamment à cause des forces de police déployées tout autour de l’ambassade. Cette situation a entraîné des manifestations de soutien pour Julian Assange autour de l’ambassade équatorienne, et même par-delà les frontières anglaises. Face à cette situation, de vives tensions se sont développées entre les gouvernements britannique et équatorien.


 Julian Assange was accused of “rape and sexual assault” in Sweden but he took advantage of his parole to escape and find shelter in the Ecuadorian embassy in England. He then asked the government of Ecuador for political asylum but even if Ecuador accepted the British government said it would not let him leave Great Britain. At the moment both countries say they would be ready to “discuss”  but the situation remains blocked and what was a particular court case has turned into an international diplomatic war.

Indeed, Ecuador is backed by a big part of South American countries against Great Britain because London threatened to cancel the diplomatic status of the Ecuadorian embassy to enable an intervention in the building. Great Britain sticks to its guns and it is determined to send Julian Assange back to Sweden where he is supposed to go to court. Finally, the United States of America, which should be the most important protagonist in this story, stays quiet on this issue and says it is not involved in the problem between London and Quito ; maybe because Barack Obama is already busy with his campaign and doesn’t want to deal with this thorny problem.

Julian Assange could even be sentenced to the death penalty in the United States of America because of the publication of more than 250,000 diplomatic cables by Wikileaks. That’s why he doesn’t want to go to Sweden. He fears he could be extradited to the United States. During this case, Julian Assange received the support of the Anonymous community that hacked some of the British government’s important websites.



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