Can Boris Johnson be the next Tory leader?

Le turbulent et bruyant Boris Johnson, actuel maire de Londres, s’affirme sur la scène londonienne par son cynisme, son humour et son physique délirant. Il apparait de plus en plus en rivalité avec le premier ministre David Cameron pour la place de leader du parti Conservateur. Sera-t-il l’homme qui assure la relève?


Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, is a very intriguing and fascinating character: his charismatic and provocative attitude, mingled with a touch of charm and humour, makes him admittedly the most prominent politician among Conservative voters to replace David Cameron as the leader of the Conservative party.  Indeed, “his 25 years as a journalist and frequent public speaker” have enabled him to stir up enthusiasm. The success of this summer’s Olympics confirmed his popularity.

Boris Johnson’s way of putting forward the image he has created for himself lies at the core of his strategy and serves his steeliest interests. His dishevelled hair and pedantic style are uniquely calculated. His attitude and appearance are all part of an act to seduce the British people, even if he claims the contrary: “I cannot believe that anyone would offer me the leadership of my party; I certainly won’t be seeking it.”

His supposedly unprepared strategy is very efficient because if you ask Britons who they would like to see lead the party after Cameron, they all put Boris “miles ahead of anyone else“. Boris, as everyone calls him, has truly what it takes to become the next PM, especially if Cameron goes on boasting about “his modernisation project” (he’s planning on building a new runway near Heathrow) and his will to return to “a more traditional Tory agenda“.

The mistakes and unpopularity of his main rival George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, have enabled Boris to take the upper-hand: his presentation of a dreadful budget and the failure of his economic strategy are undermining his image. It follows that Boris is hogging the limelight and becoming a real threat to both Mr. Cameron and Mr. Osborne. A defeat of the Tories in the next election would entail David Cameron’s resignation and a chance for Boris to rule the party.

However, some people see Boris as a chaotic character and have trouble imagining him in power. But paradoxically enough, be it his lack of conviction or his self-serving, amused, cynical and quite nihilistic attitude, it might be enough for him to become the next PM.

The 2015 general election will soon confirm it… or not.



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