The irresistible ascent of the Green Party

A peine arrivée à la tête du Green Party, Natalie Bennett est déterminée à faire de son parti une véritable force d’opposition. En effet, lors de sa première apparition en public en tant que présidente du parti, elle a délivré un discours engagé remettant en cause l’exclusivité du Labour Party comme parti d’opposition à la coalition au pouvoir.


45-year-old former Guardian journalist Natalie Bennett was chosen last week, on September 3rd 2012, among four candidates, to be the leader of Britain’s Green Party. She just took over from Caroline Lucas, the only current Member of Parliament from the Green Party. Her credibility is increased by the fact that, two years ago, she became the first Green Party MP.  Just after she was elected, she delivered her first important speech at a conference in which she attacked the Labour Party, currently the only serious opposition to the governing coalition, saying it was not up to its ambitions. She also doesn’t agree with the Labour Party on many issues. She doesn’t agree with Labour Party leader Ed Miliband’s support of nuclear power. Furthermore she reproaches the Labour Party for not guarantying the population high enough incomes and for adopting an anti-immigration platform. And she considers Miliband’s approach to financial markets too lax.

Natalie Bennett can be trusted to lead the party since Caroline Lucas herself said that the presidency “could not be in safer or more effective hands than those of Natalie Bennett.” As a matter of fact, she is very ambitious. The Green Party is currently ranked the seventh largest political organization in the country and she wants to make it the third. In fact, this goal has already been reached in London. She also wants the Green party to have more seats in the House of Commons and in the European parliament. In these times of economic crisis, she urges people not to consider the environment as a ” luxury issue “. Besides, she doesn’t want the Green Party to restrain its goals to protecting the environment, but she wants to extend it to main social issues such as “reducing the gap between rich and poor”, “making housing affordable” or developing public transports.

All in all, the greens have never looked more credible nor more confident in their own credibility.

Julia SUGIER & Lucille COTELLE


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